Not lost yet still hope
To be a free nation in our country

If you too are hurt by the current situation,
If you too are tired of the behavior of the Ministry of Health,
If you too have been mentally or physically harmed,
financially destroyed or fear for the future,
Believe that things can change

4 reasons

To choose Rappeh

We are Expanding at a Phenomenal Pace

Over 500,000 impressions per month on social media and various groups and a rapidly growing party membership

Saving Lives

The Rappeh Health Party is unique in its commitment to protecting the physical and mental health of our nation and getting life back on track

Taking a Stand Against Coercion

Taking a firm stand against the emerging dictatorship in the country, The Rappeh Health Party is the only party that openly declares its opposition to the coercive measures of masks, vaccines and the green passport

Corona Scam

The Rappeh Health Party is the only party that demands the 30-year confidential corona protocols be made immediately transparent to the public

About Rappeh

Physical and spiritual health is the cornerstone of a nation’s happiness. Without health, culture and education has little value. It is our right to yearn for real health – health which brings vitality, confidence and joy and is not affiliated with political interests. Our health system should serve and support us in attaining these goals Full of confidence and joy, with the help of a system that is supposed to serve us!
If you too are among the hundreds of thousands of victims of the health system, now is the time to take responsibility for the future of your health and your health care system. If you truly care about the elderly in our communities, it’s time to give them honest answers. We, our children and our parents are being exploited by a system that does not provide a solution. Let’s unite as one body And demand a fair return for our investment. We have a clear plan of action, and we will be your voice! With God’s help and with your help, we will act and succeed!

About Dr. Arie Avni

Dr. Avni is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Hadassah, Jerusalem, a proctologist and a surgeon. He qualified in 1984 in Soroka and specialized in gastroenterology in South Africa. He spent two years at Per Novis at Meir Hospital where he studied cancer detection under Israel’s leading specialist. He has performed over 12,000 colonoscopies and 30,000 rectoscopies, working at Meyer Hospital and heading a specialist surgery and gastro clinic in Ramat Gan – affiliated with Beilinson Hospital. He has published 10 books, two of which he completed as a medical student. An expert researcher in the field of the effect of milk on human health, he has published 2 books on the subject. He owns a private clinic where he treats patients suffering from cancer and other diseases, using natural and holistic means. He has successfully treated corona patients of varying degrees of severity with natural and complementary protocols and treatments, and he advocates natural medicine as an integral part of human health and the health system

The Principles of Rappeh

Rapeh Logo

Freedom of Choice

The primary mission of the Rappeh Health Party is to heal the sickness of the Ministry of Health This past year, we were all witness to unbearable medical coercion, bullying and human rights violations imposed on us by the Ministry of Health – a culmination of years of corruption and archaic policy, which we will transform into progressive, holistic and integrative policies for the healing and health of our health system and our nation

The Rights of Patients and their Families

Wherever possible the connection between patients and their family members will be maintained during hospital treatments. An independent department will be established to oversee the activities of hospitals and psychiatric hospitals. The department will protect the rights of the hospitalized and will also handle medical malpractice lawsuits. Medical cannabis – an essential drug for many patients, will be a choice

The Rights of Parents and their Children

The new Ministry of Health will allow and encourage parents to be full partners in all decisions and medical procedures concerning their children, including treatments, surgeries and vaccinations. The new Ministry of Health will not use coercive mechanisms of welfare, police or the courts against citizens seeking to determine medical care choices for their families and their children

The Importance of Preventive and Complementary Medicine

The new Ministry of Health will increase the budget for preventive and complementary medicine. From an early age healthy diet and lifestyle choices and the importance of exercise will be encouraged. Anyone who provides a medical service will be required (as part of his studies), to take a course in preventive medicine, nutrition and nutritional supplements. Alternative medicine and complementary medicine will form an integral part of official medicine in Israel

Termination of the Medical Monopoly

The Ministry of Health will recommend medical treatments to their practitioners but not enforce them. Doctors will be allowed to make their own treatment decisions. Natural healing centers and pharmacies will be allowed to sell vitamins and food supplements sold in other free countries. Pharmaceutical and vaccine companies, wishing to bring their products into Israel, will be required to pay for any damages and retroactive damages, as determined by and Israeli court of Law


The new Ministry of Health will institute transparency in all its activities through the disclosure of the minutes of crucial meetings, the presentation of the ministry’s economic ties and the salaries of senior executives. We will work to expose all the deliberations of the Corona Commission, which due to claims by Man Dhao have been kept confidential for 30 years.