Our Agenda

If you too have sat at home watching the destruction of the values we live by and the systems in place to uphold them, if you too are wary of the superficial explanations our Ministry of Health has offered for its extraordinary, lengthy, and extreme measures of lockdowns and experimental injection. If you too have seen our children wilting in front of endless zoom calls, if you have been left unemployed and disenfranchised and have genuine concern for what the future will bring – know that change is possible!


1. Health is our most important asset, this becomes obvious once it is gone. Every illness is an emotional and financial burden for the whole family.

2. The role of governmentis to ensure the health and well-being of all residents of the State of Israel,including pensioners, the disabled, the mentally challenged, those suffering from PTSD, parents of wounded children, and now those left unemployed through extended lockdowns.

3. The mission of the “RAPPEH”Health Party is to cure the Ministry of Health’s years of injustices that have reached their peak during 2020-2021
and are manifested by unbearable medical coercion and the violation of human rights: lockdown, social distancing, cellular location tracking, the green passport, the wearing of masks,
the destruction of the economy and public deception.

4. While major parties are calling for an increase in the volume of medical services – meaning an increase in the number of beds, the number of doctors,
of nurses (under the assumption the number of patients in Israel will increase), the RAPPEH Health Party will work to improve the health of Israelis by
strengthening preventive medicine and education as well as exploring evidence based treatments with existing safety studies and data.


5. The new Ministry of Health will introduce transparency in all its activities through disclosure of the minutes of crucial meetings,
presentation of the Ministry’s economic ties, and the salaries of senior executives.

6. We will act to expose all Corona Committee deliberations, which have been allegedly kept confidential for over 30 years.


Pensioners have the right to live a full and healthy life.
We will act to reduce dependence on existing drugs (harming their health and pocket) while increasing the use of supportive and preventative medicine and education.

The Rights of Patients and their Families

8. In cases of hospitalization, connection between the patient and his family will be maintained, including the transfer of all computerized data (nurses’ and doctors’ records)
at the request of family members. Cameras will be installed in intensive care units to allow the transfer of photographic data to a relative’s mobile phone in real time.

9. An extra-departmental office will be established to oversee the activities of hospitals, including psychiatric hospitals.
The department will protect the rights of the hospitalized and will also handle medical malpractice lawsuits.

10. To “cleanse” the Ministry of Health of past injustices, commissions of inquiry will be established on issues such as: damages of SciBVac vaccines for infants,
medical experiments on citizens and soldiers, corrupt conduct regarding medical cannabis, and compensation to parents for children harmed by vaccines.

11. Medical cannabis is an essential drug for patients suffering from a number of illnesses. The dosage and price of the cannabis plant for the needy will be regulated,
according to the conclusions of top researchers on the subject.

The Rights of Parents and their Children

12. The new Ministry of Health will allow parents to be full partners in making transparent risk benefit analyses and decisions involving medical procedures concerning
their children (treatments, surgeries and vaccinations).

13. The new Ministry of Health will never use the coercive mechanisms of welfare, police, or the courts system
against citizens seeking to set medical care procedures for their children.

14. A total ban will be imposed on performing medical examinations and /or giving vaccines in schools and kindergartens,
without the presence of one of the parents, or without the written consent of both divorced parents.


15. We will act to distance sources of radiation from the public, as there is presently a risk in our schools, kindergartens, nursing homes and public venues.

16. We will take an active part in decision-making regarding the location of factory plants a source of pollution and a danger to public health, such as power plants and gas stations.

17. We will act to ban the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and encourage the development of organic agriculture.

18. We will work to improve the quality of the water which is the essential source of life and main component of the human body.


19. The new Ministry of Health will increase the budget of preventive medicine.

20. Education of preventive medicine will be implemented and promoted through weekly broadcasts via media communication channels.

21. We will promote education concerning the comprehensive benefits of nutritionand exercise encouraging the tools to empower responsibility for one’s own health from early to late age.

22. Anyone providing a medical service will be required, as part of his studies, to take a course in preventive medicine, nutrition and nutritional supplements.

Termination of the Medical Monopoly

23. The Ministry of Health may recommend but not force a physician’s method of medical treatment.

24. The new Ministry of Health will allow stores selling natural products and pharmacies in Israel to sell all vitamins
and all food supplements sold in free countries across the globe.

25. All pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of vaccines wishing to deliver their products to Israel, even retroactively,
will be required to pay for any damages caused to consumers of the drugs or vaccines, according to the decision of an Israeli court.

26. Alternative and complementary medicine will form an integral part of the primary medical “basket” for each citizen of Israel.


The new Ministry of Health will set the threshold criteria for admission to medical studies and oversee final exams at various colleges
to ensure the professional level of graduates.

We have formed a new movement and party whose one mission is engraved on its banner:

To ensure that all citizens of Israel, from the newborn to the elderly, will be healthy and free!

It is not a difficult task. It simply requires many supporters. Supporters, like us, who want to live a full life, healthy and free; Supporters, who have experienced five cumulative months of lockdowns as an economically destructive and emotionally demoralizing government overreach. Supporters – among us who experience the behaviour modifications of quarantines, forced masking and social distancing as a breakdown of societal values; Supporters – who wish to understand the true risk-benefit analysis of medications and medical interventions and their alternatives through science and medicine with transparency and integrity. We at “Rappeh” will fight to change the status of the Ministry of Health into a entity that truly serves its undertaking and oath to public health. We will work to change the order of priorities in the health system for the benefit of the citizens of the country, to end the monopoly regarding the methods of medical treatment, and to integrate complementary medicine as an integral part of the health system in Israel.

Here is my platform – Please distribute it in every way possible and everywhere!

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