Dr. Revital Fitoussi

Dr. Revital Fitoussi, Ph.D., ND naturopath
holds a bachelor’s degree in education B.Ed. A graduate of David Yellin College.

“As an educator, I have worked for over 20 years among children and specialized in treating attention and concentration problems and learning disabilities through holistic and alternative means.

“As part of my activities, I established “Mifna” in 2007 – a clinic for the treatment of children
in which I have treated over the years hundreds of challenging cases in which holistic medicine has successfully provided a diagnostic and therapeutic solution”.

The essence of my activity was based on the assumption that every person has potential,
which is not always manifested, whether due to objective-physiological difficulties
or due to different circumstances to which he has encountered during his life.

From the moment the diagnosis is made, the “turning point” in the patient’s life and functioning begins –
in the level of energy, in the ability of cognitive functions and in the emotional-social functions.

The 21st century is characterized by a multiplicity of ailments and sensitivities that arise as part of the modern lifestyle.

In recent years, a direct link has been found between the functions of the digestive system and the function of all body systems.


Following this discovery I decided to research in depth the issue of the connection between body and mind and turned to naturopathic studies, which opened a window to a wide world of knowledge.
In the process, I was exposed to “Global Diagnostics” – a unique technology in the field of frequency medicine that has been tested and research-proven, which provides surgery and diagnosis of about 600
organs and body systems, including muscles, tendons, joints and nerves in a few minutes.
With the new insights also occurred the “turning point” in my professional life.

The blessed process I went through led to the birth of the Global Clinic, in which I now assist my patients through a wide range of tools and solutions for body and mind.
The process I went through in this framework reinforced the values and tools that have accompanied me over the years and the important assumption that body and mind are one.

The holistic approach in which I look at the patient,
along with the advanced technology in the clinic,
allows me to get to the root of the problem, in which lies the success of the treatment.

The patient receives information about his physiological functions and, accordingly, receives recommendations for treatment that will help his body reach a maximum level of function – cognitive and emotional alike, and hence the patient progresses, intensifies and manages to express his abilities on all levels.

My “I believe” stems from the premise and the connection between body and mind.
Any pain on the physiological level is directly expressed on the emotional-functional level.
And on this basis I developed the “Health Empowerment” method, which includes diagnosing the functions of the systems in the patient’s body using advanced technology, with an emphasis on the digestive system, and adjusting a holistic therapeutic diet plan”.