Dr. Arie Avni

There is one doctor (and maybe a few others) who does a huge service to the health of us alll.

Most of your probably knows Dr. Arieh Avni, but for those who do not know him yet, we would be glad to tell.
Dr. Avni served in the IDF as a paratrooper and is a disabled IDF soldier.
He is a former conventional physician (studied at Hadassah Ein Kerem),
a gastroenterologist.

During his work in the hospital but also in his private life, Dr. Avni was exposed to the dismal
results of conventional cancer treatments, he lost his wife and sister.
The difficult events made him think that allopathic medicine is not the only option
and he started looking for other solutions. Better, and less dangerous in terms of “do no harm”.
This is how Dr. Avni came in his decades of journey to many methods and treatments that have in common that they treat problems from the root and not only the symptom, they are not harmful, in repairing one disease they do not increase the risk of new disease, they treat the person and do not see only the “disease” And their natural origin.
The more he delved into his research, the more Dr. Avni discovered to his amazement that there were powerful forces trying to silence and obscure vital information about these treatments.

In the United States, for example, several dozen doctors died prematurely and for “strange” reasons, these were doctors who opposed vaccines or conventional cancer treatments. In recent years, Dr. Avni has also faced constant persecution by the media and the Ministry of Health, and once his license was suspended. But Dr. Avni did not flinch or fold, this is his life mission and for that we appreciate him and thank him! And we are not the only ones.