We can help post shot

Got The experimental shot? Here is what yo can do

Notice how much of the side effects are related to inflammation: Heart muschle inflammation, arthritis, Multisystem inflammation. Afraid of the side effects? Got side effects and what to improve functioning? Here is a preliminary protocol:

1. Support DNA fixing by taking high-absorption glutathione spray. Also protect DNA by taking liposomal vitamin C and strong vitamin D. The spanish group also says glutathione is good for removing graphene oxide.

2. Safe and simple detox – like we clean the house, we also need to clean the body. Avoiding toxing is the basic thing, and it is free. But for optimal detox the manufacturer suggest to combine the glutathione spray mentioned before with ACZnano – the only clinically proven solution to safely and easily eliminate toxins out of the body, directly through urine. ACZNano is tho only clinically proven solution to selectively bind and eliminate heavy metals, chemical toxins, radioactive toxins and free radicals of all kinds through the urine system. All this is done without removing essential nutrients. The quantity of heavy metals in urine goes up in thousands of percents within 12 hours. 


3. Anti Inflammatory solutions: A large percent of the shot side effects are related to inflammation. We start with anti inflammatory nutrition. Also, we have good experience with Serra Enzyme for breaking up inflammation. 

4. Solutions to break up blood clots. One of the side effects of the shot is blood clots. You can add Nattokinase which dissolves bloodclots without known side effects. You may also Serra Enzyme since besides it's anti-inflammatory properties, it also supports cleaning the blood vessels. For all of this, you should consult a naturopath.

5. Supporting the body in improving it's natural immunuy daily – liposomal vitamin c, strong vitamin d, and a daily immune pack. Many people who got the shot think that they are immune and lose any sense of danger. We still have to support their immune system.